The picture were from Thorong La Pass during spring.The picture were from Thorong La Pass during spring.

Short Annapurna Circuit with Tilicho Lake Trek

Quick Facts
  • Destination Nepal
  • Difficulty Level Moderate
  • Maximum Altitude 5,416 m/17,769 ft
  • Activity Trekking
  • Starts/Ends Kathmandu-Kathmandu
  • Group Size 1-16
  • Transportation Drive
  • Best Season Spring and Autumn
Why You'll Love This Trip
  • Thorong La Pass (5,416 m/17,769 ft) is one of the highest passes in Nepal.
  • Tilicho Lake, 4,919 meters (16,138 feet), is a highly located, beautiful lake.
  • Enjoy spectacular glimpses of the Himalayan ranges, including Annapurna II, III, IV, Tilicho Peak, Gangapurna, Dhaulagiri, Nilgiri, Gangapurna, Chulu Peak, Pisang Peak, etc.
  • Explore the warm hospitality of local people and their cultures.
  • Opportunity to encounter a diversity of flora and fauna along the way.
  • The blooms of rhododendron and vibrant hills during the winter will be phenomenal.
  • Opportunity to explore historic and cultural sites closely.
  • Witness and get a close view of Annapurna II with your naked eyes.
  • Visit Muktinath, a pilgrimage site for Hindus and Buddhists.
  • Drive through the Kali Gandaki River, the deest george.
  • Cross over suspension bridges times and again.
  • After your trek, take a hot shower at the natural hot spring at Tatopani.

Why will you enjoy the Short Annapurna Circuit with the Tilicho Lake Trek 12-day itinerary?

The Annapurna Circuit, including Tilicho Lake, is a fantastic itinerary for all ages of nature excursionists. The Annapurna Circuit with Tilicho Lake offers lush landscapes in the arid desert-like terrain. It’s a one-time-do trekking destination in Nepal, which entertains travelers in each step with its dramatic sights of mother nature and makes the journey more remarkable.

The Annapurna Circuit with Tilicho Lake Trek comes under the ACAP (Annapurna Conservation Area Project), which protects all kinds of flora and fauna from extinction. While rambling, there are possibilities to encounter a diversity of wild species along with a diversity of flora, including rhododendron trees. Langur, bear, blue sheep, mountain goat, Himalayan tahr, musk deer, pine tree, juniper, alpine trees, etc. are some of the examples of flora and fauna that can be encountered while doing this trek.

The mountains that can be seen during the 12-day Annapurna Circuit Trek with Tilicho Lake are: Annapurna II (7,937 m/26,040 ft), III (7,555 m/24,787 ft), IV (7,525 m/24,688 ft), Gangapurna (7,455 m/24,459 ft), Dhaulagiri (8,167 m/26,795 ft), Lamjung HImal (6,983 m/22,910 ft), Pisang Peak (6,091 m/19,984 ft), etc.

The Annapurna Circuit with Tilicho Lake trek passes through many settlements like Chame, Pisang, Manang, Siri Kharka, Tilicho Base Camp, Yak Kharka, Leader, Phedi, High Camp, Muktinath, and Tatopani. It helps travelers witness the culture and livelihood of local communities in the Annapurna region closely. It might be an opportunity for trekkers to learn and exchange cultures.

While roaming around Annapurna Circuit with Tilicho Lake, nature excursionists will witness the adorable beauty of Mother Nature. Towering waterfalls, blooms of rhododendron during spring, white snow-capped mountains, vibrant hills, lush landscapes, Tilicho Lake, religious aspects, Thorong La Pass, etc. are the highlights of the trek. Which makes the journey more fun as well as once-in-a-lifetime achievements.

A typical day during the 12-day Annapurna Circuit with Tilicho Lake

Every day, the journey will begin at 7-8 AM, following a hearty and delicious breakfast of your choosing. We pause for lunch after three hours of walking, and then we move on to our next destination. Every day, a porter will pick up and drop off your stuff at your next destination.

As you are trekking, you will encounter varieties of flora and fauna, as well as beautiful landscapes, countryside, towering waterfalls, and stunning mountains. If you want to know anything about it, feel free to ask your guide. He or she will be very happy to answer all your questions.

A 5- to 6-hour walking day is the goal of the Annapurna Circuit with the Tilicho Lake Trek. From the tea huts, depart early in the morning and arrive at the next destination on schedule. Your guide will give a brief overview of the schedule for the following day every night.

What to Expect During the Short Annapurna Circuit with the Tilicho Lake Trek?

The 12-day Annapurna Short Circuit with Tilicho Lake journey is an epic hiking destination for all nature enthusiasts. In the meantime, a traveler gets an opportunity to encounter a mixture of tastes. Why are they doing this trip? The jewel of Nepal, spreading the brightness to every single tourer's hearts with its adorable beauty and pureness.

The actual journey starts from Chame and leads you towards Tilicho Lake (4,919 meters) (the world's highest lake), Thorong La Pass (5,416 meters) (the highest pass), Muktinath (a holy place), and the drive to Pokhara. As it rambles through the short itinerary of 12 days, the Annapurna Circuit with Tilicho Lake, trekkers get an opportunity to encounter a wide range of vegetation, a mix of cultures of local communities, religious aspects, crystal-clear snow-capped mountains, etc.

The prayer flags, prayer wheels, memorials, monasteries, caves, and Muktinath temple are the extra attractions of the trek. A traveler cannot find the variety of nature that the Short Annapurna Circuit with Tilicho Lake Trek offers. The journey starts with greenery and leads through alpine trees and treeless areas. After passing, the excursionist will get to see grayish land like a desert, which is amazing. The 12-day journey is an epic trekking destination, where travelers will experience the beauty of nature along with local cultures and religious aspects.

Why are acclimitazation hikes important?

While rambling at high altitude, acclimatization hikes are important to prevent altitude sickness. During this journey, spending nights above four thousand meters is the maximum. A backpacker needs to make their body friendly to nature. A short hike on your rest day will help.

After stepping towards Annapurna Short Circuit with Tilicho Lake for 12 days, there is a rest or acclimatization day at Manang Village, which lies at an altitude of 3,519 meters (11,545 ft). It is important for every explorer to have a rest day, especially for beginners. On this day, a hiker should do a short trek to Chhonker View Point, where massive mountains, an eye-catching landscape, and stunning valleys await.

On your rest day, an alpinist can do a day trip to Ice Lake, which takes 6-7 hours both ways. The trail leads to a steep ascent on the way to the lake and a steep descent on the way back, but the glimpse from the top is stunningly rewarding. The close eyeshot of Annapurna 2, 3, 4, Gangapurna, and Chulu Peak, along with Ice Lake, is mind-blowing. It could also be the best idea to acclimate yourself.

Who can join this adventure?

The Short Annapurna Circuit with Tilicho Lake Trek is a moderate-to-challenging nature of adventure that is fully rewarding. The journey starts at an altitude of 2,680 meters (8,790 feet), which might be challenging and difficult for the beginner voyager. To do this adventure, we strongly advise all the hikers that they need to have good physical fitness to make this trip more easy and comfortable.

What is the age limit for the Annapurna Short Circuit with Tilicho Lake Journey?

For the short Annapurna Circuit with Tilicho Lake trek, there is no age limitation or any age boundaries. Between the ages of eight and roughly seventy, they can do this trek. The most important part is good physical fitness. Many people above seventy with good physical strength have done this trek. I strongly suggest to those people who are not really good at physical and old voyages that they should do the Annapurna circuit with the Tilicho Lake trek for 18 days, which is comparatively easier than this journey.

Is the Annapurna Circuit with the Tilicho Lake Trek possible for differently abled people?

The answer is yes! The differently abled people can also do the Annapurna Circuit with the Tilicho Lake trek, but they need a special team and good friends who can keep their eyes on him or her. The adventure consists of lots of steep ascending and descending on a rough and rocky trail, as well as a landslide section where he or she might need to be carried due to safety reasons. He or she needs an extra personal porter who can amble around him or her all the time. If their dream is to do one adventure in the alps before it gets too late, Nature Excursion Pvt. Ltd. is the perfect place to make your dreams come true with our expertise.

Is it good for heart disease travelers?

More importantly, we won’t suggest people with certain medical issues like heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, lung problems, etc. for the Annapurna Circuit with Tilicho Lake trek. Such diseases are not good at cold and high altitudes, which may cause serious issues. It’s an important notice to all travelers: if you have any health-related issues, let your travel companies know about them. They are experts and will suggest whether you can continue or not, or may suggest some other easy itinerary like the Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek and the Everest View Trek.

How do I prepare for the Annapurna Circuit Trek and the Tilicho Lake Trek?

Physical fitness is very important for everyone to keep themselves fit and fine, especially for alpine travelers. The short 12-day itinerary of the Annapurna circuit with the Tilicho Lake trek has lots of difficulties as well as gaining altitude very quickly.

Cardio training, swimming, yoga, gym, regular jugging, etc. are some of the fitness training you can practice before coming for this trip, which makes your muscles strong and increases your stamina. While hiking, trekkers will face many steep ascents and descents along an uneven, rough, and rocky track. If you possess such fitness, then trekkers will easily do the Short Annapurna Circuit with Tilicho Lake and enjoy every single moment.

Every day, one-to-two hours of regular jogging at home a month before this adventure is very important to enjoy this journey without any burden. It makes their calf strong, ankles flexible, and provides strength, which are essential for the Annapurna Circuit with Tilicho Lake Trek because this venture contains many ascending and descending steps on a rough and uneven trail.

What should I pack for the Annapurna Circuit with the Tilicho Lake Adventure?

Rambling to Annapurna Circuit with the Tilicho Lake Trek is an activity of escorting at high elevation. Proper packing of gear is a bottom-line activity for real hikers. According to the timing and situation, the voyager needs to pack the bag and make this journey beautiful, not a hardship.

What should I pack during the autumn season?

The weather in the autumn at Annapurna Circuit with Tilicho Lake averages around 15 degrees Celsius during the day and gets colder in the morning and evening. Also, at the end of the season, it gets freezing cold or might get snow sometimes on the top. So, an excursionist needs to pack a down jacket, windproof jackets and pants, warm thermals, extra fleeces, a warm beanie, a scarf, warm shocks, warm gloves, crampons, headlights, sunscreen, a poncho, etc.

Backpack for Annapurna Circuit with Tilicho Lake Odyssey during Spring

During spring, the temperature at Annapurna Circuit with Tilicho Lake is average—not really cold nor too hot. The temperature remains around 20 degrees Celsius during the day, and the chances of rainfall are low to no rain. A backpacker needs to pack the following gear during spring: a down jacket, sleeping bag, warm shocks, beanie, hat, sunblock, thermals, windproof jacket, poncho, etc.

What should I pack during the winter and monsoon?

Winter and monsoon are the off-season for trekking in Nepal. In the meantime, the temperature and weather conditions are not suitable for the Annapurna Circuit with the Tilicho Lake trek. In winter, the temperature drops and becomes freezing cold. So the traveler needs to pack a down jacket, warm thermals, a windproof jacket, warm shocks, warm globes, a warm beanie, a scarf, etc.

Whereas there is heavy rainfall during the monsoon around Annapurna Circuit with the Tilicho Lake trek, trails become slippery and muddy, and there are chances of landslides. The journey becomes wet and challenging in the meantime. If anyone would love to travel during the monsoon, the ambler needs to pack a fully waterproof jacket, waterproof pants, waterproof shoes, poncho, warm thermals, warm woolen gloves, fleece, etc.

*Note: Please kindly go through the equipment list, where we have listed all the trekking gear required for the Annapurna Circuit with Tilicho Lake Trek for 2024–2025.

Why choose Nature Excursion Pvt. Ltd. for the Annapurna Circuit with Tilicho Lake Trek?

While choosing us (Nature Excursion Pvt. Ltd.), Ambler will get lots of benefits. Not only the best cost, but also the real value of the money you pay and the trust you have put in us. We organize the trip with expert leaders who have more than 7 years of guiding experience in the Himalayas of Nepal. They have knowledge of good speaking, friendly nature, places, routes, mountains, culture, and traditions, and more importantly, they are familiar with the locals there.

Some of the benefits you will get from joining us during the Annapurna Circuit with Tilicho Lake are:

  • Free airport pick-up and drop-off services
  • Complementary farewell dinner
  • Company t-shirt and certificate
  • 24/7 available
  • Professional and expert mountain leader
  • Down jacket, duffel bag, and sleeping bag (returnable)
  • Free storage of extra luggage at Kathmandu
  • Oximeter and first-aid kit during the trek
  • No hidden cost or policy
Short Annapurna Circuit with Tilicho Lake Trek pictures and video



Namaste and welcome to the land of mountains. Upon your arrival, a representative from Nature Excursion will be your exit point, holding a paging board. Our team will welcome you with garlands and escort you towards your hotel in a private vehicle.

After checking in, you can take a rest and get refreshed. Later in the afternoon, we will meet at our office for a short briefing about your adventurous journey to Annapurna Circuit with the Tilicho Lake Trek, when we will explain and make you aware of the things that you will encounter during the journey. At the same time, we will introduce you to our guiding leader, who will assist you during your entire trip to make it easier and more enjoyable. In the evening, you can walk around the bustling street of Thamel (the tourist hub of Kathmandu).


  • Max. Altitude:1,400 m/4,593 ft
  • Meals:Breakfast
  • Accommodation:Hotel
  • Duration:30-minute drive

The thriller excursion to Annapurna Circuit with the Tilicho Lake trek starts with a 7-hour drive from Kathmandu to Besisahar in a local bus after your hot and delicious breakfast. The drive to Besisahar offers you a stunning glimpse of Mount Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, Lamjung Himal, terrace fields, numerous countrysides, waterfalls, and lush landscapes.

The drive to Besisahar itself is adventurous. By sharing a bus with the locals, you will get to experience the authentic culture of Nepal. After 7-8 hours of driving, you will reach Besisahar and spend the night with included meals.


  • Max. Altitude:760 m/2490 ft
  • Meals:Lunch and Dinner
  • Accommodation:Hotel
  • Duration:6-7 hours

After a hot, delicious breakfast, take a drive to Chame, which takes approximately 5–6 hours. The drive to Chame is more enjoyable and fun due to the off-road and beautiful surroundings. The drive leads you through rough and bumpy roads and offers outstanding beauty in nature. Settlements of different ethnic groups, towering waterfalls, a splendid landscape, greenery, the Marsyangdi River, an apple farm, snow-capped mountains, etc. are the attractions that a rambler will encounter.

After 5–6 hours of driving, you will reach Chame. Get refreshed and walk around the village. It's the headquarters of Manang District. Spend the night here with included meals.


  • Max. Altitude:2,610 m/8,890 ft
  • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  • Accommodation:Teahouse
  • Duration:5–6 hours

The actual odyssey starts today. After an early morning hot and yummy breakfast, we start our hike towards Upper Pisang, which takes approximately 4-5 hours. The walk of the day precedes you through the narrow pine forest bank of the Marsyangdi River. After short walks for 2 hours, we will reach Bhartangg (a big apple farm). We stop for a short break, and you will have the opportunity to taste the fresh local apple juice with apple pie and other bakery items.

As you ramble, you will get to witness a sensational glimpse of Annapurna II, Lamjung Himal, Swargadwari, and Pisang Peak. Dhikur Pokhari (a lunch place) is the perfect spot from which you will get this view. After walking for 4-5 hours, you will reach Pisang. After reaching Pisang, get refreshed, take a short visit to Pisang Monastery, which is close by, and spend the night at Pisang with included meals.


  • Max. Altitude:3,300 m/10,827 ft.
  • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  • Accommodation:Teahouse
  • Duration:4–5 hours

After breakfast, we set our program toward Manang. Today we have the option to choose either the upper trail or the lower one. The lower path is easy and shorter, whereas the upper track is longer, with a steep ascent and descent passing through Ghyaru and Nagowl village, but rewarding.

The day surprises you with an attractive green lake and stunning close sight of Annapurna II, III, IV, Gangapurna, Tilicho Peak, Pisang Peak, and Chulu Peak. As you traipse, you will get the opportunity to explore monasteries at Bragha, stupas, prayer flags, and prayer wheels along the course. These are the beauties of the Buddhist religion, which add extra meaning to our journey. Subsequently, after walking for 7-8 hours, we will outreach Manang Village and spend the night with included meals.


  • Max. Altitude:3,540 m/11,300 ft
  • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  • Accommodation:Teahouse
  • Duration:7-8 hours

On this day, you can do a small hike to Chhonkar viewpoint, which takes 2-3 hours both up and down after breakfast to acclimate your body to regular altitude gain. The Chhonkar viewpoint offers the eye-catching glimmer of Annapurna II, Annapurna III, Annapurna IV, Gangapurna, Tilicho Peak, Chulu, Gangapurna Lake, etc.

As an alternative, you can do an Ice Lake hike, which takes 6-7 hours. For Ice Lake, you have to start as early as possible because the lake is far and there is no tea shop along the way. Also, take a packed lunch. Pedestrians lead you through a narrow, steep uphill on the way to the lake and a steep descent while returning. Though the route is difficult, it is fully rewarding. It counteroffers the most adorable vistas of Annapurna II, Gangapurna, Chulu Peak, etc.

After the acclimatization hike, you can take a rest and spend the night at the same lodge with included meals.


  • Max. Altitude:3,540 m/11,300 ft
  • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  • Accommodation:Teahouse
  • Duration:2-3 hours

Today we step towards Tilicho Base Camp, passing through Khangsar (the origin of Sherpa settlement) and Siri Kharka (lunch place) village, which takes 6-7 hours. The day starts with a flat road in the beginning and becomes gradual all the way to Siri Kharka after crossing the suspension bridge.

Today, you need to be more careful and strictly follow the guide instructions because you will be crossing through big landslides. Here, the chances of falling are high.

While rambling, you will encounter the same mountains as before. Now that you are in a treeless area, you need to be more careful and walk patiently. If you walk fast, it might create problems due to less oxygen. After completing a wonderful and adventurous hike, you will finally reach Tilicho Base Camp and spend the night here with included meals.


  • Max. Altitude:3,900 m/12,795 ft
  • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  • Accommodation:Teahouse
  • Duration:6-7 hours

Today is the big day. We start early in the dark, around 4 a.m., for Tilicho Lake. The hike leads you steep uphill for 3 hours and half an hour on a flat road to reach Lake. The hike is struggling and challenging, but it is 100 percent rewarding for travelers. You will get to witness the exquisite sunrise along the way. The splendid massif of Tilicho Peak next to you and picturesque Tilicho Lake are mind-blowing.

After reaching Tilicho Lake, spend half an hour enjoying the views and taking pictures. After that, return back to the lodge for lunch. After lunch, return to Siri Kharka and spend the night with included meals.


  • Max. Altitude:4900 m/16,138 ft
  • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  • Accommodation:Teahouse
  • Duration:8 hours

After breakfast, we set our footsteps toward the leader. The trail leads you gradually up for two hours and descends downhill all the way to the flat road to the leader. As you are walking, you will get a chance to encounter blue sheep, yaks, birds, etc. After walking for five hours, you will arrive and spend the night with included meals.

  • Max. Altitude:4,050 m/14,275 ft
  • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  • Accommodation:Teahouse
  • Duration:5–6 hours

We will take our breakfast around 7 a.m. and step towards High Camp, which takes approximately 4-5 hours. The day starts with a narrow and gradual climb, enjoying the magnificent landscape and crystal-clear peaks in the background. After walking for three hours, you will cross the suspension bridge and stop for lunch at Phedi. After lunch, there is a steep ascent to High Camp, which might take 45 minutes to an hour.

Once you reach High Camp, get refreshed and take a short acclimatization hike to the viewpoint. From here, you will encounter a sensational vista of mountains and an amazing landscape. Spending a few minutes taking pictures, returning back to the lodge, and spending the night with included meals.


  • Max. Altitude:4,800 m/15,744 ft
  • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  • Accommodation:Teahouse
  • Duration:4–5 hours

On this day, we start our hike early in the dark with the help of a headlight after breakfast. It is a rewarding day for us. The struggle and hard work we have done over the last nine days will pay off when we reach the Thorng La top (5,416 m/17,769 ft), the highest point during our entire journey. Not only that, a colorful sunrise, snow-capped mountains, a delightful landscape, and collecting memories and pictures at the top with a cup of hot tea will make your journey a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

We spent around twenty minutes at the top, taking pictures and enjoying the moments. Soon after that, we leave the top and head towards Muktinath, following a steep downhill. As we are moving downward, we will get to witness the Dhaulagiri I (8,167 M/26,795 ft) and its ranges, Himchuli and Nilgiri, and the unique landscape grayish in color. As we reach Muktinath, we visit the Muktinath temple, which is the holy place for both Buddhists and Hindus. Many of the people visit here for pilgrimage purposes. Spend the night with included meals here.


  • Max. Altitude:5,416 m/17,769 ft
  • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  • Accommodation:Hotel
  • Duration:9–10 hours

After having a good time at Muktinath, we leave for Pokhara early in the morning after breakfast in a local sharing bus. The drive will be full of fun and adventure. The drive takes you through the Kali Gandaki River, passing Jomsom, Marfa, Kali Gandaki Gorge (the deepest gorge in the world, lying between two major peaks, Dhaulagiri and Annapurna), Tatopani, and many settlements.

The drive to Pokhara offers you an outstanding view of Annapurna South, Dhaulagiri, Nilgiri, waterfalls, and glorifying meadows. After 8–9 hours of driving, you will finally reach Pokhara and spend the night in the beautiful and clean city of Nepal.


  • Max. Altitude:895 m/4,936 ft
  • Meals:Breakfast and Lunch
  • Accommodation:Hotel
  • Duration:8 hours

This is the day we end our trip, but not the list, and return to Kathmandu in a tourist bus. The drive to Kathmandu offers an outstanding landscape of terrace fields, rivers, and countryside.

After 7-8 hours of driving, you will arrive in Kathmandu, and your guide will take you to your hotel. Once you check in, get refreshed, and in the evening we will go for a farewell dinner together. You must be tired after a long and adventurous journey, so take a good rest for your body.


  • Max. Altitude:1,400 m/4,593 ft
  • Meals:Farewell dinner
  • Accommodation:Hotel
  • Duration:7-8 hours

Our team will drop you off at the Tribhuvan International Airport gate as per your flight schedule. Make sure you pack your bag properly. We hope you will have a good time trekking with us and hope to see you again in the future. Have a safe flight back home and have a good time ahead. Take care!

  • Meals:Breakfast
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Cost Details
  • Free airport pick-up and drop-off services during the arrival and departure dates
  • Transportation costs from Kathmandu to Besisahar on a local bus, Besisahar to Chame on a local jeep, Muktinath to Pokhara on a local bus, and Pokhara to Kathmandu on a tourist deluxe bus (Pokhara-Kathmandu flight option with an additional cost).
  • 2 nights in a hotel in Kathmandu with complimentary breakfast (3 stars or similar)
  • 1 night hotel in Besisahar with complimentary breakfast
  • 1 night hotel in Pokhara with complimentary breakfast
  • All mountain-based standard twin sharing rooms during the Annapurna short circuit Tilicho Lake Trek
  • Full board meals (10 breakfasts, 10 lunches, and 10 dinners—the main course from the menu) during the trek
  • Government-licensed, English-speaking 'Nature Excursions experienced native guide with his meal, salary, transportation, insurance, and other necessary equipment (you will get an assistant trek guide group of 6 or more trekkers)
  • Sherpa/Porter to help your luggage (1 porter for two trekkers, luggage weight limit is 10 kg per trekker)
  • Trekking Information Management System (TIMS) card fees
  • Annapurna Conservation Area Permit (ACAP) fees
  • Snacks (cookies) and seasonal fresh fruit every evening as per availability during the 14-day Tilicho Lake with a short Annapurna Circuit Trek
  • Water purification tablets for safe drinking water
  • The guide is carrying a basic medical kit box, which includes Diamox.
  • An oximeter to measure your pulse and oxygen level
  • All government, local taxes, and official expenses
  • Down jacket, sleeping bag, and duffle bag as per your request (has to return after the trek completion)
  • Free company t-shirt
  • Rescue operation arrangement in case of complicated health condition (incurring charges should be covered by your travel insurance)
  • Farewell dinner in Kathmandu at the Nepali Cultural Restaurant after the trek completion (complimentary)
  • International flight costs
  • Nepal entry visa fee at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) (15 days USD 25–30, 30 days USD 40–50, and 90 days USD 100–110)
  • All meals in Kathmandu and Pokhara except farewell dinner in Kathmandu at a Nepali cultural restaurant
  • Extra-night hotel in Kathmandu and Pokhara due to early arrival, late departure, or early return from the trek
  • Personal expenses, such as shopping, hot and cold drinks (tea-coffee, coke/Fanta/sprite/juice), hard drinks (beer/wine/vodka), hot shower, laundry, massage, Wi-Fi, battery recharge, an extra porter, etc.
  • Personal clothing and gear
  • Travel insurance, which has to cover high-altitude emergency rescue and evacuation
  • Additional costs due to delays caused by circumstances beyond our control, like landslides, itinerary modifications due to safety concerns, weather conditions, illness, changes in government policies, and strikes
  • All the costs and expenses that are not listed in the include section
  • Tips for guides and porters, (expected)

Clients Reviews

  • Thrilling Adventure with Nature Excursion in Nepal!

    I recently embarked on an adventure tour with Nature Excursion in Nepal, and it surpassed all expectations! The professional guides were incredibly knowledgeable and passionate, ensuring a safe and exhilarating experience throughout.

    Nature Excursion offers a diverse range of activities that cater to all skill levels. From mountain treks to relaxing dips in hot water springs, every moment was filled with excitement and adrenaline. Their attention to detail in logistics, including accommodations and meals, was commendable.

    What sets Nature Excursion apart is their commitment to environmental conservation. They promote responsible tourism and encourage participants to minimize their impact on the natural beauty of Nepal. I highly recommend Nature Excursion for an unforgettable adventure. Can't wait to join them again in the future!

    Omar Al Zeidi
    Omar Al ZeidiOmanJul 08, 2023
  • Fantastic guide-Karan

    We had a great time trekking through the Himalayas. Everything was taken care of. We didn't have to worry about anything. Our guide Karan Gurung was amazing. Such an experienced guide. We always felt safe and also had a lot of fun while trekking. We were so glad to have Karan, our dedicated guide and Taran Gurung, our very strong porter with us. Especially on the way to Tilicho lake with the landslide areas. Everything was tailored and flexible to our preferences before and during the trek. In the teahouses during the trek we also didn't have to worry about anything. Karan and Taran made sure we had the nicest rooms and best experiences in the mountains. We enjoyed the company and also our own spare time. I have celiac disease, so I eat glutenfree. Anytime we had food, Karan made sure to communicate it well with the kitchen. Even with my weird request with egg with bananas. We were blown away by the beautiful nature of Nepal as well as the variety which you encounter on the Annapurna Circuit. Each day was a different experience altogether. We did Poonhill as a beautiful end to the trek. In April the Rhododendrons were absolutely gorgeous. We did our trek end of March/start of April.

    Pieternel Kers
    Pieternel KersNetherlandsJun 20, 2023
Useful Information

Which permits are required for Annapurna Circuit and Tilicho Lake?

If a traveler chooses their destination inside the Annapurna region, permits are mandatory to issue under the rules and laws of the Nepali government. The Annapurna Circuit with Tilicho Lake Trek comes under an Annapurna Conservation, ACAP (Annapurna Conservation Area Project) permit, and TIMS (Trekking Information Management System) permit.

An ACAP permit costs USD 30 per head and USD 15 for SAARC countries. Whereas, TIMS (Trekking Information Management System) cards cost USD 6 per head for SAARC countries, USD 10 per person joining local agencies, and USD 20 for independent solo backpackers.

What are the daily wages for guides and porters during the Annapurna Circuit and Tilicho Lake Trek?

The guide and porter are the heroes of the mountains who organize your voyage and make it more memorable and comfortable. The guide knows everything about the local places and their cultures, the mountain ranges with their names and elevations, the geographical structure of the land, etc. Whereas, the porter will carry your luggage from one place to another.

According to the TAAN (Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal), the wages of guides and porters were updated on July 17, 2023. Here is the daily rate for the guide and porter.

  • Trekking Guide: USD 30
  • Assistant Guide: USD 28
  • Porter Guide: USD 25
  • Porter: USD 24

Which is the best time to do the Annapurna Circuit with the Tilicho Lake Trek?

The Annapurna Circuit with Tilicho Lake Trek is one of the most popular trekking destinations for adventure excursionists. Every year, thousands of visitors visit for vacation and return home, collecting immense memories and happiness.

Excursionists must be wondering: when is the best time to do the Annapurna Circuit with the Tilicho Lake trek? Here, we have enlightened you on the perfect timing for this caravan.

Annapurna Circuit with Tilicho Lake Trek be possible during spring?

Annapurna Circuit is a popular trekking destination in the Annapurna region of Nepal; adding the itinerary of Tilicho Lake makes the venture more beautiful and challenging. The months of March to May are considered to be the best moments for this excursion. In the meantime, as the weather gets humid and mild, the rhododendron forest blooms and brings out the vibrant colors.

Due to the pleasant weather, anyone who would like to do the Annapurna Short Circuit with the Tilicho Lake Trek would highly recommend the spring season. You won't regret it.

How will it be trekking to the Annapurna Circuit with Tilicho Lake in the autumn?

Autumn is another great time to travel all around Nepal. Due to the pleasant weather, crystal-clear mountains, clear blue sky, and beautiful surroundings during the period, this season became more popular, and numbers of hikers visited Nepal.

The temperature remains stable during the day and gets colder in the early morning and evening. During this time, the temperature ranges from -8 degrees Celsius to 16 degrees Celsius. It is also the season of Nepali festivals. Time for celebration. Perfect time for trekking.

Is it possible to do the Annapurna Circuit with the Tilicho Lake Trek during the monsoon?

Monsoon is the off-season for trekking to the Short Annapurna Circuit with Tilicho Lake. Meanwhile, there is heavy rainfall. It causes several landslides along the route and is not safe for hiking. We highly recommend not doing trekking during the monsoon in the Annapurna region. But if you really want to travel during the monsoon, we suggest you do the Upper Mustang Trek.

How will it be trekking to the Annapurna Circuit and Tilicho Lake in winter?

Winter is another off-season for trekking in Nepal. However, it's getting more popular these days, and an excursionist who loves more adventure and challenges does this trek in the winter. The weather remains unstable, and temperatures can reach -10 degrees Celsius or even more. Most lodges get closed, the trail gets blocked, and reaching Thorong Top is more tricky.

If you are not really into challenging adventures but want to go hiking in the winter, as an option, you may do the Short Ghorepani Trek or the Everest View Trek.

Do I need travel insurance for the Short Annapurna Circuit with Tilicho Lake Adventure?

Yes! A cruise for the Short Annapurna Circuit with the Tilicho Lake Trek requires valid travel insurance for your safety. While doing such a thriller hike, chances of risk are there. Nature Excursions always gives the top-most priority to customer safety and satisfaction.

You might sustain injuries due to mishaps, illness, altitude sickness, etc. during the trip. So, it will cover all the expenses, and it should also cover emergency evacuation, medical expenses, and repatriation. It helps you with financial assistance. Make sure your insurance covers up to six thousand meters.

What is the chance of altitude sickness during this adventure?

There are chances of getting altitude sickness during the Short Annapurna Circuit with the Tilicho Lake excursion. We will do our best to avoid and prevent it. While hiking in the mountains with the high-altitude experts, don't be worried. You are in safe hands. Our expert knows how to deal with situations, if you get it.

We have customized our itinerary in such a way that our daily hike will not exceed 500 meters per day. This helps our invitee adjust to the elevations. Even though we have an acclimatization day, the Short Annapurna Circuit with Tilicho Lake Trek On this day, we do a short acclimatization hike, which helps our guests acclimate to the environment.

To avoid altitude sickness during the journey, do the following things:

  • Maintain your pace.
  • Drink enough water.
  • Do not smoke, and do not drink alcohol.
  • Take garlic soup.

Is it possible to do a last-minute booking with Nature Excursion?

Yes, last-minute bookings with Nature Excursion are possible. You can contact us anytime for your adventure on the Short Annapurna Circuit with the Tilicho Lake Trek. We need some information, like, are you physically fit for this trip or not?, to confirm this journey. You need to be in Kathmandu at least a day before this venture. You have to make 100% payment of the package cost one day before this adventure. There won’t be any refunds.




  • Sun hat or scarf
  • Winter hat or insulating hat or wide-brimmed hat
  • Headlight with extra battery


  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglass with UV protection
  • Face and body wipes


  • Lightweight gloves
  • Lightweight winter gloves


  • Hiking shirt
  • Long-sleeved shirt
  • Hooded rain jacket
  • Fleece jacket
  • Lightweight cotton pants
  • T-shirt (bring lightweight wool)
  • Polypropylene underwear
  • Down jacket (available for rent in Kathandu)
  • Sweater
  • Waterproof jacket and pant


  • Hiking boots
  • Thick wool shocks (take an extra pair of thick wool shocks)


  • Backpack or day back (size depends on whether you take a porter or not)
  • Thermal bottle
  • Water purification
  • Trekking pole
  • Sleeping bag (-20 degreis sleeping bag is best in high altitude trekking)


  • Medium size drying towel
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Biodegradable bar soap
  • Nail clippers


  • Money
  • Watch
  • Cell phone
  • Camera


  • First aid kit
  • Extra password photos and photocopies of password
  • Notebook and pen
  • Binoculars

Short Annapurna Circuit with Tilicho Lake Trek FAQs

  • Trekking to Annapurna Circuit with Tilicho Lake can take 12 to 22 days, depending on your choice. In this journey, it covers 160 km to 230 km of total distance. The 12-day itinerary we have proposed is a shorter version of this adventure.


  • Annapurna Circuit with the Tilicho Lake Trek is considered to be moderately challenging trekking. Whale-hiking the day to Manang from Upper Pisang is difficult if you follow the upper trail. The distance is far, and the trail is also rough and tough, with steep ascents and descents.

    The more difficult parts of this adventure are the day to Tilicho Lake and reaching Thorong La. Wake up early in the morning and start the day in the dark. The path is steep up and steep down a narrow, rough, and rocky trail.


  • The short Annapurna Circuit trek, including Tilicho Lake, is one of the most popular trekking destinations in Nepal. Because of the moderate nature of trekking, choosing this adventure as a beginner is a perfect choice. Yes, beginners can do this journey; hikers need to follow the leader's guidelines properly.


  • The cost of the Short Annapurna Circuit with Tilicho Lake Trek depends on the service demand and the number of groups. The costs we have finalized for the journey are listed below.

    • 1 pax = USD 1153
    • 2 pax = USD 881
    • 3-5 Pax = USD 809
    • 6–10 pax = USD 778
    • 11-16 Pax = USD 752
  • Autumn (September to November) and spring (March to May) are the best times of the year to do the Short Annapurna Circuit with the Tilicho Lake Trek. In the meantime, the weather remains stable, and the surroundings become more attractive.


  • The answer is yes! There will be blankets in the tea lodges, but they won't be clean, and the locals are also using the same blankets. If you bring a sleeping bag, it will be more comfortable for you.


  • Yes! There are WiFi facilities. Some lodges give free WIFI, and some lodges charge some amount. The WiFi in the mountains doesn’t work smoothly.

  • The answer is yes. While traveling around the Annapurna Circuit, you will need two permits. They are the ACAP permit (Annapurna Conservation Area Project) and the TIMS card (Trekking Information Management System).


  • It is worth it for a nature excursionist. The odyssey offers an outstanding vista of mountains, Tilicho Lake, a beautiful landscape, and vibrant hills during spring.


  • According to the latest updates from the Nepal Tourism Board, guides are mandatory for backpackers to enter Annapurna Conservation Area.


  • The answer is yes; you will have an expert and professional leader with you. He will help you arrange things during the trip. More importantly, people in the mountains are more polite and humble.


  • The word Annapurna is derived from Sanskrit, which means “the giving of food and nourishment.”.


  • No, Annapurna Circuit is easier than Everest Base Camp.


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